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What Happens When the Mattress Magic is Gone?

Has your bed lost its bounce?

Has your spring sprung?

Has your mattress lost its mojo?

It’s ok. It happens to all of us sometime. In fact, it can even happen to the best of relationships. The magic is gone. The passion has passed. But don’t toss your mattress into that trash heap of lost loves. There’s something better you can do.

What’s the best way to break up with my mattress?

Recycle it, of course!

Upgrade to a new, improved, more responsive relationship. You know, one that meets your more mature needs. Then kick your ex to the curb. Or rather, a conveniently located drop off container. And if that’s just too much trouble after all these years, call for pickup and let someone else do the dirty work of getting that ex out of your life.

BedHead Mattress Recycling accepts mattresses at their location in Billings and at drop-off sites in the City of Springfield. They will even pick up your mattress for a fee. Recycling your mattress makes it easy to say good-bye.

What happens when I recycle my old mattress?

Someone may yet find value in your castoff. Mattresses have many layers and will survive your breakup with a new lease on life, and even in a new form. Metal and box springs go to scrap recyclers, then on to steel mills and foundries. Wood gets turned into mulch or an alternative fuel source. Foam padding gets turned into carpet underlayment or animal bed padding. Cotton is used in industrial oil filters or other textile applications.

Your old (mattress) relationship doesn’t belong on the trash heap. And fanning the (literal) flames when the spark is already extinguished is not recommended. Get that old love dismantled and turned into something more useful. It can be liberating for both of you.


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