2021 OHRD Executive Board Members:

Erick Roberts, Chair - City of Springfield, Superintendent of Solid Waste

Hosea Bilyeu, Vice-Chair - Christian County Commissioner

Vanessa Brandon, Treasurer - Greene County, Environmental Planner

John Russell - Greene County Commissioner

Rusty MacLachlan - Greene County Commissioner

Kevin Sharpe - Dallas County Commissioner

Kyle Legan - Polk County Commissioner

Paul Ipock - Webster County Commissioner

Open - City of Springfield Councilperson

Mike Schilling - City of Springfield Councilperson

Angie Snyder, Ex-officio Secretary, OHRD Planner

2021 OHRD Advisory Council Members:

Barbara Lucks, Chair - Greene County

Tyler Moles - Greene County

Donny Lipe - Polk County

Tim Ryan - Dallas County

Terry Stone - Christian County

David Vaughan - Greene County

Jim VonBehren - Webster County

Maile Auterson - Greene County

Luke Westerman - Greene County

Rusty Worley - Greene County

Mike Jones - Greene County