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It's Cleanup Time!

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Ready for some spring cleaning?

Of course! How about some yard work to get things looking spiffy for spring?

Yes! And obviously you want to dispose of everything properly at one of the City of Springfield’s recycling centers.

So, what should you do?

Be organized at the beginning and the end will be easy.

If you are cutting brush, sticks, or pruning, cut your pieces to the right size from the start.

What does that mean?

Lone Pine and Franklin Recycling Centers take up to 2 bundles per day. The material in the bundles can be up to 2 inches diameter.

How big can the bundles be?

The bundles themselves should be no longer than 4 feet and up to 18 inches in diameter. Cut your brush 4 feet long as you go, cut off the side shoots, lay some twine on the ground, and start stacking across the twine. Then tie the bundle and go.

How should I pack my yardwaste bags?

Don’t over pack your yardwaste or garden waste bags, or make them too heavy to handle. Bags break and backs get injured, so be smart. No need to tie them tight. Leave them loose and it will save you time and effort. Use reusable bags if possible. Collapsible canvas or poly bags are durable and easy to handle.

What if I have a large load?

You can take large loads to the Yardwaste Recycling Center. Use the guidelines above for sizes of bundles. Cut the correct size as you go and stack your brush so that it is easy to pull off your trailer or truck. Limbs should not be protruding beyond the edges of your vehicle or trailer, and should be secured with rope or straps. If you have loose material like dry leaves, cover and tie with tarps.

There are state laws governing how you can haul materials. Please be responsible and obey all motor vehicle and trailer law. Debris that falls or blows off of a vehicle can cause serious accidents or death. Debris sticking out from the sides of vehicles can even hit other cars or mailboxes. Failure to secure debris properly can result in citations from State and local authorities. We can’t say it enough: Be responsible when hauling your yardwaste for disposal.

Can I purchase materials at the Yardwaste Recycling Center?

Yes. You can purchase bulk material, such as mulch, from the YRC. It should be tarped for safety and to prevent material that you purchased from blowing away.

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