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Recycling Household Chemicals

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Ever wonder what to do with those old bottles of chemicals hiding under your sink or in your garage? We have an answer!

Ozarks Headwaters Recycling & Materials Management District partners with the City of Springfield to provide a free disposal service to residents in Greene, Christian, Webster, Polk, and Dallas Counties.

The Household Chemical Collection Center is located at 1226 W. Nichols Street in Springfield.  Appointments are required and are available on Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons. To schedule an appointment, call 417-864-2000.

Items accepted at the HCCC include:

Automotive: All fluids new or used including, but not limited to antifreeze, oil and transmission.

Cleaning agents:  All indoor and outdoor cleaners for your home, auto, and swimming pools.

Pesticides: All pesticides solid or liquids (fertilizers, grass seeds, grass/weed killer, insect and rodent killers).

Flammable Solids and Liquids: gasoline, kerosene, ethanol, paint thinner, alcohols, roofing cement/sealer, putty/body filler, caulking (except acrylic or latex), and epoxy.

Oil-Based Paint or Stain: Oil-based only.

Aerosols: All aerosols with remaining product inside.  (No empty aerosols)

Nickel Cadmium and Lithium Batteries: Any size.

Mercury: Any

Fluorescent tubes and CFL Bulbs: Fluorescent tubes with GREEN ENDS are not accepted and can be disposed of in your trash containers. Broken bulbs or tubes are not accepted and can be disposed of in your trash containers.


  • Bring products in their original containers if possible.

  • If repackaging, include original label or clearly label the product.

  • Pack products in a sturdy disposable box, to be left at the facility.  Do not place in trash bags.

  • Single stack items to prevent chemicals possibly causing a dangerous chemical reaction.

  • If transporting chemicals in car, keep windows down for adequate ventilation.

  • Containers no larger than 5 gallons each. 50-pound limit per visit.

Items NOT accepted at the HCCC:

  • Latex Acrylic Paint

  • PCB, Pharmaceuticals

  • Explosives or Ammunition

  • Radioactive Waste (smoke detectors)

  • Infectious Waste (needles/medicines)

  • Compressed Gas Cylinders (propane, fire extinguishers)

  • Laboratory Chemicals

  • Alkaline Batteries

  • Incandescent Light Bulbs (standard household bulbs)

  • Cooking Oils

  • Empty Containers (aerosols, bottles, cans)

  • Business Waste – waste generated from regulated or permitted generators; commercial waste or profit/not for profit organizations

Latex Paint is Not a Hazardous Waste

If you have latex paint to dispose of, follow these guidelines:

Acrylic and Latex (water-based) Paint can be disposed of safely in the trash if the following procedures are in place. Residents are encouraged to use this alternative. Mixing an absorbent material such as kitty litter, saw dust, or paint hardener (available at hardware stores and home improvement stores) into the Latex Paint by stirring the absorbent material and paint together. This will harden large amounts of paint quickly. Allow the Latex Paint and absorbent to air-dry and harden to a solid. Allow the paint to dry several days.

This prevents it from spilling out of the trash truck after it is picked up. Half gallon cans of Latex Paint without absorbent will dry in approximately 5 days. Adding kitty litter will speed drying time to approximately 2 days. Once the Latex Paint is dried into a semi-solid state, it can be safely disposed of with regular trash and picked up by your waste hauler. Lids must be removed for the hauler to inspect it.

  • Empty Latex Paint cans and containers are NOT recyclable.

  • Remove lid and discard container in your regular trash.

  • Paint residue on the cans prevents them from being recycled.

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