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Gathering & Weaving Compassion

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

by Penny Griffin

Larry Giggy, when not in the courtroom performing his bailiff duties, spends time gathering plastic shopping bags to help the homeless in our community. Giggy’s wife, Kathy, takes those collected bags and crochets them into sleeping mats and pillows. Each 3 ft x 6 ft mat consists of between 900 and 1,000 plastic bags. These mats, which are light to carry and provide a bit of insulation and cushion for the recipient, are so popular with the homeless population that there is a waiting list to obtain these labors of love. They are warm, waterproof and washable - key elements to their popularity.

This incredible project is made possible by a talented group of Hillcrest High School graduates who volunteer their time. The group meets 3 times per month to sort, fold, cut and crochet the bags into the sleeping mats, then donates them to Grace Methodist Church who handles the distribution. Larry says, “I love doing what I can to help with this project and am impressed by the hours of time and talent spent to create each mat.”

Next time you contemplate what to do with those pesky bags that accumulate in your kitchen and cannot be placed in your recycling bin, yet wreak havoc in our landfill, consider donating them. Contact the OHRD office at 868-4197 or to donate.

Be a stitch in this tapestry of compassion.


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